California and Vermont have passed regulations AB 1953 (2006) and Vermont Act 193 limiting the amount of lead that may be in plumbing products. California Regulations require third party ANSI accredited organizations provide product certification, SB 1334 (2008). These laws have been incorporated in the California Health and Safety Code Section 116875-116880.

California has also published regulations that require most materials and devices used in water distribution systems be certified as meeting the health effects requirements of NSF/ANSI 61 by an ANSI accredited certification body. These regulations have been posted on the California Department of Public Health website as "California Regulations Related to Drinking Water", Aug 13, 2009. Title 22 Code of Regulations 64591 individual additives (page 197).

In January, 2010, Public Law 111-380 "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act" was signed. This law applied on a national scale the same low lead requirement as California (<0.25%) Truesdail's certification to NSF/ANSI 372 "Drinking Water System Components, Lead Content" will assure compliance with both State and Federal requirements.

ANSI Accredited Certification Body

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has developed a program to accredit a third-party product certification program. This accreditation, developed around ISO/IEC Guide 65, allows organizations to certify products as meeting defined ANSI (and other) specifications. To be accredited, certifying organizations must undergo a formal evaluation process and an on-site audit.

The ANSI program requires an inspection of the production and quality control program, and an on-going testing program be established.

On January 3, 1997, the ANSI "Standards Action" published notice of the approval of TRUESDAIL LABORATORIES' certification program. We have maintained ANSI accreditation since our first approval. For a copy of our current listing see: ANAB Accredited Labs

Further, in May of 1998, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) approved Truesdail's testing program for NSF/ANSI 61. See listing at: IAPMO Listed Labs

Buyers for many large stores and manufacturers (and their risk managers) are now demanding that their vendors supply third-party testing data on their products. Participation in a certification program will verify the performance and safety of the product and allow you to apply a certification mark like the one that follows to your product and marketing literature.

The Truesdail Certification program for Drinking Water System Components per NSF/ANSI 61 will allow you to comply with both the EPA requirements and the current State of California requirements.