ALS-Truesdail is an accredited, independent testing and certification body. ALS-Truesdail provides manufacturers, regulators, specifiers, and consumers with confidence that a product has been evaluated to the most stringent industry standards. Specialized certifications offered include NSF/ANSI/CAN Standards 61 & 372.

Why Choose ALS-Truesdail?

ALS-Truesdail holds dual ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). ALS-Truesdail provides manufacturers with certifications that meet regulatory requirements, and keep consumers safe.
Regulatory compliance is complicated for manufacturers. ALS-Truesdail makes sure not to add to those complications with unnecessary red tape. ALS-Truesdail strives to take the complication out of compliance with simple, understandable processes for manufacturers to comply with.
ALS-Truesdail staff are experts in certification. You can rely on the experience of our people, with an average tenure of over 10 years. There is nobody better to guide you through the process of certification.
ALS-Truesdail provides the best value in the industry. We are a high quality, streamlined certification body with unmatched project turnaround times. We are able to keep costs low and pass these savings on to you. Ask for a quote to see how much money, time, and hassle you can save.
Our staff is ready to help. Call (714) 730-6239.
Our staff is ready to help. Call (714) 730-6239.