Why Choose Truesdail?

Experience - Today's world of increasing environmental concern means tightened regulations and increased levels of liability. Compliance with regulations is imperative yet complicated and frequently changing.

We have provided answers to scientific questions for over 80 years and have years of liaison experience with most regulatory agencies.

Our expertise, facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment provide the accurate answers you need. Regulation and compliance, product testing, field services, project management, expert witness testimony - Truesdail does it all. We help reduce the hassles in doing business.

Quality - Answers are worthless if they cannot be relied upon. Truesdail gives you the confidence that comes with our reputation for excellence.

Our Quality Assurance objectives for precision and accuracy are based on results from the analysis of samples whose values are known. One in every ten samples are run in a quality assurance sample and the results are compared to establish control limits. Thus we have ample documentation for system blanks, check samples, matrix spikes, and duplicates.

We also participate in several external Quality Control programs, which submit blind samples periodically. Our excellent track record is then independently verified.

Location - Our 40,000 Sq. Foot facility is located in Tustin, CA in the heart of Orange County. We are within easy driving distance of four major airports (John Wayne, LAX, Long Beach, and Ontario) and the Port of Long Beach. Please see our location for more information.

Truesdail's New Accreditations and Listings

We are pleased to announce our newest Accreditations and Listings:

Truesdail Laboratories, Inc. is gratified by the news that RMTC issued a formal notice of accreditation to our laboratory. We extend a formal "Thank you!" to the RMTC for recognizing us as compliant with their high standards for testing racehorses and allowing us to join the ranks of the relatively few organizations that share their approval. We appreciate the opportunity to celebrate another milestone in our 70+ year history of providing drug testing for the racing industry. See the RMTC Press Release here.

Our commitment to maintain the highest level of competence in testing requires constant vigilance. Over six years ago, we began modernizing our instruments and methods to state-of-the art, sought accreditation to the international ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Early last year we applied for accreditation from RMTC and now we are part of their goal of having 100% of racing laboratories accredited by the RMTC.

Truesdail's Newest Instrument Addition

We are pleased to announce our new Ultra Sensitive LC/MS is now online!

New Certifications Offered by Truesdail

  • We can certify your plumbing products for compliance to California AB 1953 (2006) also referenced as: "Health and Safety Code Section 116875-116880".