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This page holds Truesdail’s Directory of Certified Products. Use the search below to locate product listing(s).  The information is updated on a daily basis.

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Certified by ALS-Truesdail Laboratories

Truesdail Certification Mark Use

Acknowledgement of Certified Products:

Truesdail’s Mark on a product indicates that the product meets the requirements specified in the Standard. Certified products shall bear the Truesdail Certification Mark or be otherwise represented as certified. For certified products that do not bear the Truesdail Certification Mark, a statement shall be included in the official listing and/or on the certification file indicating how the product will be represented as being certified. If the certified product is sold with any other non-certified product, the company shall clearly indicate on that the non-certified product has not been evaluated to the respective standard. Only products certified to an applicable standard are entitled to bear the recognized Truesdail Mark.

Publicly Available Information

For information related to ALS-Truesdail’s policies and procedures, or for documents related to the ALS-Truesdail certification scheme please contact Clif McLellan at or (714) 730-6239.

Product Alerts and Public Notices

Unauthorized use of Truesdail Mark:

Change(s) related to Truesdail requirements for a Certified Product, including but not limited to change(s) in design, components, or materials, shall require the Company to hold the changed Product in its inventory until released by Truesdail in writing. If unauthorized changes determined to have occurred by Truesdail, appropriate action may be taken including but not limited to an immediate Product hold, requesting a Product recall, or an issuing a Public Notice. On second or third such occurrence within a short period of time, Truesdail may order an administrative hearing; and/or, Truesdail may withdraw Certification for all Products for the location. In addition, Truesdail at its sole discretion may decide to request a recall of Products, or issue a Public Notice.

Truesdail may order an administrative hearing to determine the appropriate response to use of the Mark on a non-Certified product.

A directory of product alerts and public notices is available here.

Complaints and Appeals

If you have questions, concerns, or complaints related to products either certified by Truesdail or those being represented as certified by Truesdail please contact our Quality Assurance Manager, Anthony Fontana.