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The Drinking water system components – Plumbing product certification program is intended to cover the certification of any drinking water system used in treatment and distribution of drinking water.

Use of Mark on New Products:

The products that are manufactured or assembled after the date of authorization for Certification must fully complying with all ALS requirements, unless prior written authorization from ALS allows otherwise.

Use of Mark at Authorized Location:

Any point of final production or assembly locations that can be audited and have authorization from ALS. The Mark shall be placed on Products only at these locations, unless prior written authorization from ALS permits placement at an alternate location.

Implementation of Revisions to Existing standards or Policies:

After formal review and adoption of a revision to a Standard or Policy that is applicable to Certification, ALS shall publish an effective date of implementation. All existing Certified Products shall be verified as complying with the requirements of the revised Standard or Policy within 90 days from the effective date of implementation.

When a revision to a Standard addresses an identified public health issue, new or modified products submitted for Certification after the date of adoption and prior to the date of implementation of the revised Standard shall be in full compliance with the revised Standard upon qualification.

Modification to Certified Products:

The Company shall notify ALS in writing prior to any changes related to requirements for a Certified Product. The change shall be reviewed by Toxicologist at ALS and the Company advised of any required evaluation or testing. The Company shall not make such changes to a Certified Product without prior written acceptance by ALS.

Acknowledgement of Certified Products:

The Certified Products shall bear the Mark or be otherwise represented as Certified. For Certified Products that do not bear the Mark, a statement shall be included in the Official Listing and/or on the certification file indicating how the Product will be represented as being Certified. If the Certified Product is sold with any other non-Certified product, the company shall clearly indicate on the Product that the non-Certified product has not been evaluated to the respective Standard.

Transfer of Certification and use of Mark:

After receiving an application with documentation of continued compliance fulfilling all of the applicable requirements, ALS may transfer authorization for continued Certification of specific Products to another Company for the purpose of a name change, change of ownership, or change of a location.

Unauthorized use of ALS Mark:

The change(s) related to ALS requirements for a Certified Product (including, but not limited to, change(s) in design, components, or materials), the Company shall hold the changed Product in its inventory until released by ALS in writing, if unauthorized changes determination by ALS, appropriate action may be taken including, but not limited to, an immediate Product hold, requesting a Product recall, or an issuing a Public Notice. On second or third such occurrence within a short period of time, ALS may order an administrative hearing; and/or, ALS may withdraw Certification for all Products for the location. In addition, ALS at its sole discretion may decide to request a recall of Products, or issue a Public Notice.

ALS may order an administrative hearing to determine the appropriate response to use of the Mark on a non-Certified product.

Withdrawal of Certification:

Upon withdrawal of Certification of all Products, ALS may require the Company to dispose of, modify, destroy, or surrender: all Marks, marking devices, and marked materials, by means acceptable to ALS. The Company shall provide to ALS its plan for the disposal, modification, destruction, or surrender of the Marks and mark materials within 30 calendar days after ALS notifies the Company of withdrawal of Certification. Disposal, modification or destruction of the Marks and marked materials shall be at the Company’s expense. ALS shall verify the action taken by the Company.

Recall of Products:

In the event of withdrawal of certification which leads to product recall, if Products bear the Mark or are otherwise represented as Certified. If agreed to by the Company, the Company shall make a prompt and reasonable attempt to recall the Product. In addition to Product recall, The Company shall furnish to ALS, or at the option, permit prompt and full access to: Its production records to determine quantity and dates of production, and marking (identification on Products; and Its shipping records to identify customers receiving the Products, quantity and dates of shipment, and marking.

ALS Certification Mark for Drinking Water System (Plumbing Products):

Products, components, packaging, containers, or literature associated with products Certified as Drinking Water System compliant shall bear the ALS Mark (See Table A), except as specifically exempted. The Mark shall appear either directly above or next to the certification       statement “Meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61”. The ALS mark may be requested from Certification Engineer, or Created as a facsimile, authorized by ALS.

The Certified Products shall be traceable to ALS authorized production location and a registered formulation on file. The following information shall appear on the Product, Product packaging or documentation shipped with the product. This Marking information is required for the Product to be considered Certified unless the Company has obtained prior written authorization from ALS to use an alternate method of Product traceability:

ALS Mark, Company name, Production location or other facility identification acceptable to ALS,

Product designation as shown in the Official Listing in cases where the designation of the product in the Official Listing includes name descriptors which are evident for the product when on hand (e.g. configuration, size, etc.) abbreviations for the descriptors may be used or may be omitted in the product marking; and Lot number or date code (if applicable).

Statements associated with the Mark shall not be misleading to the user concerning the Product end-uses Certification by ALS

For multi-part coating or patching systems, the ALS Mark may appear on the product packaging of an individual authorized part provided the product packaging also includes: reference to the other required part(s) of the system.

Protective Barrier Materials like paints and coatings, shall be labeled as describe above, in addition, the packaging or information shipped with the product shall include the following information or a link to the Official Listing for the product:

  • instructions for end use and application, such as pipe, valve or tank;
  • cure time, temperatures, number of coat, recoat time;
  • wet or dry film thickness; and
  • special instructions (immediate return to service pipe coating, etc.).

The following statement is required to be placed directly underneath or at the side of the ALS Mark for any drinking water system that is certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 requirements:

The Product (System) tested and Certified by ALS Laboratories, Inc. under NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 for material safety requirements only. Not certified for contaminant reduction or structural integrity.

Table A:  Certification Mark Options

ALS Standard Mark Text Mark for Products with Size/Design Limitation Brief Description /Use Requirements

Meets the Requirements of NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Section 9
ALS – NSF/ANSI/CAN 61-9 Individual drinking water certified product, packaging, containers, and/or documentation certified to a specific standard section by ALS shall bear this Certification mark with specific section reference.

(Note section 9 is used as an example only)

Meets the Requirements of NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 & 372
ALS – NSF/ANSI/CAN 61/372 Individual drinking water systems, packaging, containers, and/or documentation certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 by ALS shall bear this Certification mark to identify the compliance.

Meets the Requirements of NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Section 5
ALS – NSF/ANSI/CAN 61-5 For Barrier Material: packages, containers, and/or documentations of the material drinking water certified by ALS to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Section 5 shall bear this Certification mark to identify the compliance.

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