Why Choose Truesdail?

  • Turnaround Time (TAT) – We move the equine purchase process forward quickly with best in industry turnaround times. ALS’s standard TAT for pre-purchase screening is 2 business days, significantly faster than our competitors. Additionally ALS offers next day Turnaround for an additional surcharge.

  • Testing Options – ALS’s testing menu is designed to meet your needs.  Don’t see or are unsure about your what testing should be done? Call Ms. Julie Hagihara, she can utilize her 20+ year experience in the veterinary drug testing field to assist you.

  • Experience – ALS has been performing veterinary drug testing for over 70 years. Our analysts have performed thousands of animal drug investigative analyses. This experience gives our clients a level of quality and trust that only 70 years of experience can provide.

Ms. Julie Hagihara
Ms. Julie HagiharaSenior Account Manager

Equine Pre-Purchase Drug Screens

NSAID Screen

  • NSAID’s including:

    Meclofenamic Acid

Cannabinoid Screen

  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Comprehensive Screen

  • TOBA Protocol Testing

Certifications & Accreditations