In 2011, ALS-Irvine added testing capability for performance-altering additives in nutraceutical products for both human and animal athletes.  ALS-Irvine is one of the few labs in the world able to screen for thousands of prohibitive drugs in these matrices. Many athletes are increasingly adding supplements to their diet in today’s world to remain competitive. To ensure that the supplements are safe and free from banned performance-altering drugs, they need to be tested and certified as free from contaminants which would disqualify an athlete or animal.

ALS-Irvine performs nutraceutical testing for certifying bodies, ensuring nutritional products are free of drugs that are prohibited in sports, the military, police, or other programs.

Those interested in this service are encouraged to contact Ms. Julie Hagihara.

Ms. Julie Hagihara
Ms. Julie HagiharaDrug Testing Manager
For more information on our Nutritional Testing services you can contact Ms. Hagihara at T: 714 730-6239

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