About Truesdail Laboratories, Inc.

ALS-Truesdail is located in Irvine, CA.  We are a diversified laboratory, focusing our efforts in four distinct areas – Product Certification, Environmental Testing, Drug Testing, and Nutraceutical Testing.  The unique requirements of each area requires a panel of wide-ranging and experienced scientific experts, which provides ALS’s in-depth expertise and positions us to give the highest quality service to clients.

Truesdail Laboratories was a family-owned business with our three shareholders being grandchildren of our founder, Dr. Roger Truesdail.  They are Dr. James Charley, Mr. William Charley, and Ms. Linda Hill, all of whom worked at Truesdail for many years in the 1970’s and ‘80’s.  Truesdail’s Board of Directors is comprised of our three shareholders, our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ed Wilson, and an outside financial analyst, Ms. Janice O’Brien.  The mix of their industry experience, hands-on history with Truesdail, and business acumen leads Truesdail confidently forward.

In 2015 Truesdail’s Board named Mr. Ed Wilson as CEO.  Mr. Wilson is a laboratory veteran bringing more than 30 years of testing and laboratory operations experience to us. You can see the press release for his appointment here. Our Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Randy Gates, manages Truesdail’s day-to-day business, marketing, and laboratory operations.

ALS-Truesdail’s history is important as it gives us the experience necessary to maintain our position as a scientific leader in the future. ALS-Truesdail’s personnel understand the three key components to our client’s satisfaction

  • Quality Data
  • Turnaround Time
  • Cost

Our experience not only allows us to focus our business around our client facing activities, but our development, quality, and ongoing customer service initiatives as well.

Truesdail is committed and invests heavily in scientific method development of new drugs of abuse in racehorses and nutraceuticals. This development ensures that we’re consistently adding new compounds into our routine screening libraries.

We regularly review and add accreditations critical to our clients.  In 2014 Truesdail was among the first five labs in the U.S. to receive RMTC Accreditation.  In 2015 we successfully completed the transfer from ANSI Guide 65 Certification to ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation.  Truesdail completed Standards Council Canada (SCC) Accreditation in 2016.

ALS-Truesdail’s Client Services Team proactively works with our clients to obtain feedback, which enables us to improve and enhance our practices and services in each of the industries we serve.  We redesigned our website in 2016 to add unique and improved tools aimed at augmenting client services, namely ClientConnect (it allows clients to access their reports on-line) and our Product Certification Department’s listing directory.

In 2018, ALS Limited acquires Truesdail Laboratories, Inc.  ALS and Truesdail are excited about the acquisition of Truesdail and the expansion of geographic positioning specific to the needs of our clients.


We are an 85+ year-old laboratory that offers a diversified line of independent analytical services.  Many of our clients have used our services for decades, among them Boeing, Northrop, the States of California, Washington, and Oregon, many cities, U.S. Military bases, and water districts.

Our history has molded us into what we are today – a  world class thriving and diversified laboratory providing a variety of analysis, i.e., a family of labs under one roof.  Today, our focus of testing is  – Environmental Testing, Drug Testing, Nutraceutical Testing, and Product Certification.  We have also, over the past decades have tested in additional other fields which varied depending on the changing  needs of  our  clients, government regulators and the public.

Today our service areas are:

Analytical Services or the “Environmental Group” of labs tests for contaminants in the environment.  These labs include Microbiology, General Chemistry, Wet Chemistry, Metals, Organics, and Field Services.

Drug Testing tests racing animals’ urine and blood and nutritional supplements to determine if they contain performance-altering drugs.  In 2004, we did more of this testing than any other lab in the world.

Product Certification tests products and certifies them.  The main thrust of our Product Certification work is analysis of plumbing products to determine if they leach lead or other metals.  After rigorous testing to government and regulatory standards products are certified. To view a list of standards Truesdail currently certifies please see our service offerings.

Nutritional Testing tests nutritional supplements for performance altering additives for both human and animal athletes.

rogerIn 1930, when Dr. Roger W. Truesdail was a chemistry professor at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, he developed a unique procedure for food processing using yeast.  An entrepreneurial college friend persuaded him to start a business to create and market a yeast by-product.  So, in 1931 during the depths of the Great Depression, Dr. Truesdail and his partner established what was then named The California Yeast Products Company and is now Truesdail Laboratories, Inc.

The partners set up operations in Pasadena, CA, close to Dr. Truesdail’s home.  Shortly afterward, the partner quit, leaving Dr. Truesdail without a yeast business, unemployed as a professor, and in debt while the country was still deeply mired in the Great Depression.

Dr. Truesdail diversified to enable his nascent business to survive.  He converted his small, one-man operation into a testing lab and moved the operation to tight quarters in downtown Los Angeles.  In the early years Dr. Truesdail frequently had to borrow from his life insurance to meet his three employee payroll.  During World War II there were weeks when not one new piece of business came in the door.

Dr. Truesdail referred to his operation as “The Laboratories” since he envisioned that someday there would be several laboratories under one roof performing a variety of independent testing analyses.  Through both prosperous and lean years he kept his vision of multiple labs.  We now have the Analytical Services Department, a group of labs that test our environment and performs other specialized chemical tests, a Drug Testing Department, and a Product Certification Department.  Dr. Truesdail’s vision has become reality.

During our history, Truesdail has provided a wide range of tests.  We adapt our testing to the needs of the public and the environment.  In the 1970’s and ‘80’s we were renowned for our expert witness testimony and specialized in forensic science.  In the 1990’s, mechanical strength and asbestos testing represented a sizable percentage of our business.

Truesdail Laboratories has weathered the Great Depression, the severe shortage of labor during World War II, innumerable changes in the laws governing testing, and the ups-and-downs of our economy in a burgeoning Southern California

Throughout the years Truesdail has made many significant contributions to the laboratory testing industry.  A few are:


Truesdail Laboratories tested and analyzed the first liquid diet-control method


Dr. Truesdail became the official chemist for the California Horse Racing Board. We were the first lab to test racehorses in California. This developed into a formidable animal drug-testing business through today, with the exception of World War II from 1940-1944 when there was no horseracing.  Truesdail has provided equine drug testing services longer than any other lab in the U.S.


Truesdail led the fight against Los Angeles smog back in 1946, when Dr. Truesdail volunteered as the chief scientist for the Los Angeles Citizen’s Smog Committee.


Truesdail completed the first air analysis survey of the Los Angeles Basin. This was long before any serious scientifically based regulations or strong enforcement, but the need to track sources of air pollution became apparent. During the 1950’s, ‘60’s, and ‘70’s, we were among the top air pollution testing labs.


Dr. Truesdail aided the American Public Health Association on food and nutritional issues.

Truesdail was one of the initial 10 labs certified by the State of California to test drinking and wastewater.

Dr. Truesdail became aware of seawater intrusion into coastal cities’ drinking water supplies and Colorado River canals. So, with Dr. Jeffrey from Cal Tech, he began lobbying city governments to start an extensive municipal water testing program to track and fight the contamination of our aquifers.


Truesdail designed a lab specially for food processors and fisheries in the Long Beach – Los Angeles Harbor area.


The American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) named an award for outstanding service after Dr. Roger Truesdail. The ACIL is still functioning today.


One of Truesdail’s chemists was a founding member of AORC, the Association of Official Racing Chemists. Truesdail has several chemists on staff that are current members of the AORC.


A hearing and speech facility at the University of Redlands was named “Truesdail Speech Center” after Dr. Truesdail, our founder.


Dr. Phil Charley, the son-in-law of Dr. Truesdail, became the president of Truesdail. He expanded our expertise to include product liability litigation, forensic science, and the physical testing of products. This was a formidable part of our business through 1997.

early 1980’s

Truesdail discovered MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) in drinking water in the Los Angeles Basin in the early 1980’s. MTBE is a fuel component for gasoline engines used as an anti-locking agent. Subsequently, much litigation regarding its use has followed.


Truesdail tested horses for the equine events in the 1984 Olympics.

Also, in 1984, we expanded our racing animal testing beyond California. In the years that followed we tested for 18 other states and several foreign countries.

late 1980’s

In the late 1980’s, Truesdail tested the dogs competing in the Iditarod, an annual dogsled race from Fairbanks to Nome, AK.


Truesdail tested the winning racehorses for many of the Kentucky Derbies from 1990 through 1998.


Truesdail expanded in 1997 its testing and licensing to include product certification. This was an offshoot of work we were doing for one of our clients. It is now a major part of our business.


We tested for Chromium VI as an outcrop of the class action lawsuit against a major utility made famous by the movie Erin Brockovich, released in 2000.


Truesdail brought our first UHPLC High Resolution LC/MS online in our Drug Testing Laboratory.


Truesdail added testing for pharmaceutical compounds in nutritional products for athletes.


Truesdail was the first U.S. lab to identify the abuse of cobalt in racehorses. Subsequently, we were the first U.S. lab to earn ISO 17025 accreditation for cobalt testing in racehorses.


Truesdail was successful in the conversion from ISO/IEC Guide 65 to ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation from ANSI.

Truesdail was one of the first five labs in the United Stated to receive accreditation from the Racing Medication Testing Consortium (RMTC). To date only eight labs have successfully completed the rigorous accreditation requirements.


We tested racehorses participating in the Preakness for several years, including 2015.


Truesdail was one of the first U.S. labs to identify the use of Glaucine in racehorses.

Truesdail extended its certification offerings to include mechanical testing of consumer plumbing products.

Truesdail obtained Standards Council Canada (SCC) Accreditation.


ALS Group USA, Corp. acquires Truesdail Laboratories.

ALS is a leading testing, inspection, certification, and verification company.

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