Field Services

ALS’s Field Services staff provides pre-scheduled sampling and pre-notification. Sample collection by experienced, well-trained personnel ensures sample integrity, representative samples, and valid results for compliance monitoring.

Our field personnel are fully trained and have the experience to deal with unexpected and difficult situations as well as the routine. Safety is our number one concern. Our field personnel are trained for confined space entry and Level C personnel protection can be provided.

We can provide DOHS report forms, Sanitation District report forms, NPDES permits, LACSD Surcharge reports, and custom reports.

Sampling Services, Regulatory Requirements and Analytical Capabilities

Category Description
Industrial Wastewater 24 hour composite, discrete, and grab
Hazardous Material Soil investigation, drums, tanks, and bulk material
Asbestos Air, bulk ACM samples, clearance, and compliance
Water Monitoring wells and domestic systems
Meter Calibration Instrument and full flow – hydraulic and chemical tracer
Flow Measurement Bubbler, ultrasonic, dipper, and flume weirs
Wastewater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPEDES)
Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD)
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation
Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD)
South East Regional Reclamation Agency (SERRA)
Hazardous Waste Regulations California Code of Regulations – Title 22
Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act – RCRA
Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure – TCLP (ZHE)
Hazardous Waste Capabilities Toxicity (TTLC, TCLP, STLC-WET)
Zero head-space extraction
Ignitability and corrosiveness
Reactivity (water base only)
Underground storage tanks
EPA SW methods
LUFT methods
Microbiology and Microscopy Aerobic plate count, asbestos counts
Total coliform, streptococci
Water Chemistry Evaluation of water purification systems
Organic and inorganic chemistry
EPA methods 500 and 600 series
SW-846 methods