Truesdail Laboratories is occupying a new ~17,000 square-foot facility. Truesdail is located in a mixed-use commercial development campus, called Park Place, that has 24/7 security patrols of the entire complex. Truesdail’s doors are checked on regular security rounds during non-business hours. Access to the complex is monitored by security cameras placed at strategic locations, entry ways, hallways etc. to provide added security. The campus has convenient access to transportation routes – Interstates 5 and 405, Newport (55) Freeway, 261 Toll Road, Orange County Airport, and local train station for Amtrak and Los Angeles Metro railroad lines.

Truesdail Laboratories is a secured facility with controlled access to the Racing Chemistry Laboratory. Approximately 1,600 square feet of our facility is dedicated controlled access laboratory space for drug testing. The two Racing Chemistry Laboratory areas are Racing Preparation (650 square feet) and Racing Instrumentation (940 square feet). The two (2) separate laboratories dedicated to animal drug testing are secured with electronic locks that require coded key cards. Key cards allowing access to the doors for the drug-testing laboratory are restricted to the Racing Chemistry Staff, the Facilities Manager and executive management. The Racing Preparation Laboratory is used for blood and urine extraction, TCO2 analysis, and other wet chemistry analyses. This laboratory is fully equipped with lab benches, sink, two fume hoods, and solvent storage. The Racing Instrumentation Laboratory is used for instrumental analysis and immunoassay testing. Included among the instruments in this area are two (2) HPLC systems, two (2) GC/MS systems with auto samplers, three (3) LC/MS systems with auto sampler, two (2) automatic sampling devices for immunoassays, three (3) immunoassay plate readers, as well as other laboratory equipment associated with these types of instrumental and immunoassay analyses.

There is 500 square feet of dedicated walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler (Cold Room) for racing sample storage. Additional square footage is allocated to racing for support functions (login, warehouse, gas storage, etc.) and management activities. Please refer to the floor plan that follows.

All paper files containing data about testing results are kept in locked file cabinets. Electronic data is kept in password protected data systems which are maintained in the locked lab.

Our facility complies with OSHA, the State of California and local fire and safety requirements, and has met all of the ISO/IEC 17025 and RMTC requirements.

Our chain-of-custody procedures have withstood all legal challenges in our more than 65 years of performing race testing. A chain-of-custody form is submitted to the racetrack for the set of samples on each race date to be completed by the veterinarian. The completed form is then returned to Truesdail with the samples and our staff maintains a copy.

Truesdail’s Standard Operating Procedures are performed with the security of the samples firmly in mind. Each shipping container is sealed with a security seal and keyed padlock. Upon arrival at Truesdail, all seals are checked, samples are organized in numerical order, and then logged into our computerized laboratory report forms. The sample seals are broken and an aliquot is removed from the original container for the required analyses. Each sample is then resealed with security tape, initialed, and dated by the individual removing the test portions. Subsequent removal of test portions for confirmatory analyses is also accompanied by this procedure.

Original sample containers remain in a locked, temperature-controlled storage units after portions are removed for analysis. One (1) storage unit is, 2,600 cubic foot freezer, which is inside our laboratory building. The temperature is monitored daily and maintained at approximately -15º C (±5º C). After 30 days, negative samples will be discarded. Our freezer is for storage of urine. Blood samples are stored long term in our new walk-in refrigerator (~600 cu ft) maintained at ~5°C.


2,600 cu. ft. Walk-in Freezer