Samples must be shipped with either a drug screen request form or chain of custody form.  For split samples this will include sample number, intact seals on containers, date taken, shipping documents, etc. Urine samples should be frozen and shipped in an insulated container with dry ice or equivalent.  Blood samples should be sent cold and shipped in an insulated container with ice packs.  If possible blood samples should be centrifuged and serum or plasma separated from the red blood cells.  Shipments should be sent Monday-Thursday by an overnight courier not by US Postal Service.  Sample volume is dependent on tests that are being requested and please see the drug screen request form for the specific sample volume required per test.  For split samples, a minimum of 25 ml of equine urine and/or 2 ml of blood serum or plasma should be sent.

Samples should be sent to:

ATTN: Julie Hagihara

3337 Michelson Dr. CN750

Irvine, CA 92612