External Quality Assurance Programs

Proficiency Testing Programs

Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) Program


RMTC’s External Quality Assurance Program (EQAP)


The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium accreditation requires participation in their EQAP PE program. This programs consists of acceptable performance on two (2) sets of ten (10) samples per year. The ten samples include five (5) equine urine and five (5) equine blood samples. The primary aim of the RMTC Proficiency Testing Scheme is to monitor laboratory performance and compare it with that of other RMTC accredited laboratories. The EQAP program has both qualitative and quantitative samples. The qualitative samples, satisfactory performance is based on reporting the same drug as the assigned result. For quantitative results, the results are converted into a z-score and must be within two z-values to be satisfactory.

Sample Exchange Programs

ALS in 2015 initiated and manages a sample exchange program with both the University of Illinois and Texas A&M Drug Testing Laboratories for independent verification of results. Texas A&M Laboratory is RMTC accredited and the University of Illinois has interim RMTC accreditation. These split exchanged blood and urine samples are blind to our laboratory staff and are used to verify that we can reliably screen all drugs at the TOBA threshold levels.