June 16, 2016
Contact: Randy Gates (714) 730-6239


Irvine, CA—June 16, 2016– Ed Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Truesdail Laboratories, Inc., an independent testing laboratory, announced today that it has finalized a new product testing  certification mark.

The Truesdail Laboratories Certification Mark on any product or literature symbolizes compliance to applicable standards.   The new mark was modernized to visually reflect the cutting edge testing capabilities at Truesdail.  It is dramatically simpler than the mark previously used for certification purposes, making it much more manufacturer and consumer friendly “Our clients have asked for a modest and contemporary mark to use on their products to reinforce product safety. With this new mark, we believe we’ve met that challenge,” says Wilson.

Along with the new mark, Truesdail is rolling out new requirements regarding its certification mark’s proper usage. Manufacturers will be given one year to transition to the mark and comply with these new requirements.

Founded in 1931, Truesdail Laboratories is committed to its motto of “Excellence in Independent Testing” and reports only the highest quality data.  Truesdail’s accreditations include: ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17065, RMTC, ILAC G-7, and CA ELAP.  The company recently moved into a state-of-art testing laboratory and administrative facilities in Irvine, CA. The new 17,000 square foot facility was designed with current best lab practices to ensure quality data at the turn-around times that clients demand.  Truesdail Laboratories engages in testing for multiple fields, including; certification of consumer products, drug testing, nutraceutical testing, and environmental testing.