In 2011, Truesdail added testing for performance-altering additives in nutraceutical products for both human and animal athletes.  Truesdail is one of the few labs in the world able to screen for thousands of prohibitive drugs. U.S. adults and athletes are increasing adding supplements to their diet. According to the National Marketing Institute, as of 2013 over 73% of U.S. adults use supplements, up 11% from 2009. Although many regulatory agencies in sports discourage….

Although many regulatory agencies in sports discourage athletes from using vitamins and other supplements saying, “The use of dietary supplements is not recommended or encouraged as such products can lead to positive drug tests or other health concerns,” in today’s world to remain competitive athletes are increasingly adding nutritional supplements to their diet.  To ensure that the supplements are safe and free of prohibited performance-altering drugs they need to be tested and certified that they are not contaminated with prohibitive substances, which would disqualify the athlete or animal.

Many illegal drugs are marketed on the Internet under the guise of “Dietary Supplements”.  Even more reason that consumers need assurance that their supplements are certified to be drug free.  Truesdail performs nutraceutical testing certifying bodies, providing the testing of nutritional products to ensure they are free of drugs that are prohibited in sports and other types of drug-testing programs such as military or police.  The steps for certifying nutritional supplements includes:

  • an annual audit,
  • verification of labels’ claims,
  • analyzing for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and microbiological agents,
  • a toxicology review and ingredient evaluation,
  • an audit of the client’s manufacturing processes, and verifying they comply with Good Manufacturing Practices,
  • ongoing batch testing along with random blind sampling.
Ms. Julie Hagihara
Ms. Julie HagiharaDrug Testing Manager
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